(IT) 중국서 마이크로소프트 해적판 범인들에 유죄 판결

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By DAVID BARBOZA c.2009 New York Times News Service SHANGHAI, China -- A court in southern China convicted 11 people on Wednesday of violating national copyright laws and participating in a sophisticated counterfeiting ring that for years manufactured and distributed pirated Microsoft software throughout the world. 상하이 — 중국 남부의 한 법원이 31일 다년간 불법 복제한 마이크로소프트 소프트웨어를 만들어 전 세계에 판매해 온 매우 지능적인 위조단에 가담해 온 11명의 피고에게 저작권 법률 위반으로 유죄 판결을 내렸다. The men were sentenced by a court in the city of Shenzhen to terms of 18 months to six and a half years in prison, according to court papers released late Wednesday. 이날 늦게 공표된 법원 문서들에 따르면, 피고들은 선전(Shenzhen) 시 소재 법원에서 18개월에서 6년 반에 걸친 금고형들을 언도 받았다. Microsoft applauded the sentence, saying they were the stiffest sentences ever handed down in this type of Chinese copyright infringement case. 마이크로소프트사는 그러한 언도를 환영하면서 중국에서 이러한 종류의 저작권 위반 사건에서 내려진 언도들 중에서 이번이 가장 엄중한 것이라고 말했다. Microsoft has called the group part of "the biggest software counterfeiting organization we have ever seen, by far" and estimated its global sales at more than $2 billion. 마이크로소프트사는 이 피고들은 “우리가 알고 있는 소프트웨어 위조 조직 중에서도 월등 큰 최대 조직”의 일부이었다고 말하고, 그 조직의 전 세계적 매상은 20억 달러가 넘는 것으로 추산된다고 말했다. Some legal specialists consider the case to be a landmark because it involved a joint anti-piracy effort by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Chinese Ministry of Public Security. Law enforcement officials said it was also notable because the group operated like a multinational corporation, producing and distributing high-quality counterfeit software that was created and packaged almost identically to the real products, despite Microsoft's anti-piracy measures. The counterfeit goods, like Windows XP and Office 2007, were sold over the Internet and shipped from China, mostly to the United States and Europe, where they commanded relatively high prices, investigators say. American and Chinese officials say they broke up the criminal ring in July 2007 with the arrest of 25 people in China, the dismantling of several manufacturing facilities and the confiscation of counterfeit software valued at more than $500 million. (ⓒ 2009 The New York Times) (ⓒ 2009 www.usabriefing.net)
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