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By WILLIAM J. BROAD ⓒ2009 New York Times News Service Sea explorers probing the depths of the English Channel have discovered what they say is a legendary British warship that sank in a fierce storm in 1744 with the loss of more than 900 men and possibly four tons of gold coins valued at $1 billion. 영국해협의 해저를 수색하던 탐험가들이 그들 말로는 1744년 험한 풍랑으로 침몰한 전설적인 영국 군함이라는 것을 발견했다. 당시 900 명 이상의 장병들이 숨졌으며 군함에는 무게로 4톤, 현시가로 10억 달러의 가치가 있는 금화가 실려 있었다고 한다. The team found the wreckage of the HMS Victory last year and confirmed its identity through a close examination of 41 bronze cannons visible on the sandy bottom, Greg Stemm, head of the discovery team, said at a news conference Monday in London. 탐험 팀이 HMS Victory(군함 빅토리)의 잔해를 발견한 것은 작년이었으며 그 군함임에 틀림없다는 것은 해저의 모래바닥에 깔려 있는 41 정의 청동 대포들을 면밀하게 조사해 본 결과 확인되었다고 탐험 팀의 대표인 그렉 스템(Greg Stemm)이 26일 런던에서 열린 기자회견에서 말했다. The team lifted two of the cannons from the seabed and gave them to the British Ministry of Defense, he said. The team’s leaders are now negotiating with British authorities on the disposition of the artifacts and treasure before the divers attempt further recoveries. 이 팀은 해저에서 대포 2정을 이미 인양하여 영국 국방성에 기증했다고 그는 말했다. 팀의 리더들은 잠수부들이 회수 작업에 들어가기에 앞서 회수 될 물건들과 보물을 어떻게 처리할 것인지에 관해 영국 정부 당국자들과 현재 협상 중이다. “I’m surprised we’ve been able to keep it under wraps for nine months,” Mr. Stemm said at the news conference, calling the shipwreck “a momentous discovery.” He oversaw the find as head of Odyssey Marine Exploration Inc. of Tampa, Fla., a publicly traded company that specializes in deep sea exploration and recovery. In a telephone interview, Mr. Stemm called the discovery “hard to beat” in terms of raw history, lost treasure and solved mysteries. The team found the wreck far from its reported resting place, and said the find had cleared the name of its commander, Adm. Sir John Balchin, whose navigation had been impugned after the catastrophic loss. The press conference was held by the Discovery Channel, which plans to broadcast a segment Thursday about the ship on its weekly “Treasure Quest” program, which debuted last month. (ⓒ2009 The New York Times) (ⓒ2009 usabriefing.net)
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